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Start-Up Brasil

We developed Start-Up Brasil, an initiative by the Federal Government in partnership with accelerators, with the purpose of executing the public policy of technological acceleration of startups. The program includes three phases: Enabling Accelerators, Selecting Startups, and Acceleration. The program is being temporarily reformulated.

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Rota 2030

Our main goal behind the Rota 2030 Conectividade Veicular (Route 2030 on Vehicular Connectivity) program is to further develop the Brazilian automotive sector chain by encouraging research projects and the technological development of hardware and software systems and components at all levels of technological maturity, stimulating the production of technologies related to vehicle connectivity.

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Softex Experience

In 2022, we hosted two editions of the Softex Experience, the first in São Paulo (SP) and the second in Brasília (DF). The events used immersive experiences and conversations with specialists to present business opportunities for companies, startups, accelerators and science and technology institutions throughout Brazil. Stay tuned for the new editions!

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Defesa Cibernética

We kicked off the Cyber Security and Defense project in 2015 with an eye towards fostering research, development and competitiveness in the Brazilian Software and IT Services Industry (BISS) by supporting and promoting innovation and expanding competitiveness in the Brazilian Cyber Defense Technology Industry. The program is being temporarily reformulated.

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TI de Impacto

In 2014, we launched Impact IT, an innovation strategy training program. Forty-five Brazilian companies were trained in the cities of São Paulo, Curitiba and Recife. Of the 45 companies, nine were selected and took part in the international immersion in the Silicon Valley and the Gartner Symposium, and they also have been mentored. The program

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TechD’s mission is to unite startups, companies, RD&I centers and universities with the main objective of jointly developing high-tech impact projects. The program planned for an investment of up to R$ 500,000 per selected technology project focusing on four priority areas of activity: IoT, Mobility, Energy and Health. The program is being temporarily reformulated.

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