We foster the development of Brazil through innovation.

We produce a positive impact on the life of people through innovation.

Innovation and continuous search for solutions to the development of industry and Brazil are in our DNA.

Softex – Organização Social Civil de Interesse Público (OSCIP) (Social and Civil Organization of Public Concern) is a non-profit private institution acting for 25 years on behalf of the development of Brazilian Digital Transformation, creating, fostering, and executing initiatives in the areas of technology and innovation, nationally and internationally.

 Counting on an engaging, empathetic, flexible, and audacious team, we connect actors, challenging ideas, and complex projects which allow our customers to achieve their goals and produce real impact on the society.

Our Manifesto

Softex is made of people to people: restless, creative, upright, adaptable, and groundbreaking people.

The history we daily write inspires changes, produces positive impact, and changes the quality of people’s lives from various parts of the country.

We inspire, transform realities, and believe in the potential of each citizen.

We contribute to the job creation, qualification of young people and adults, and develop new businesses: always focusing on pioneering, generation of opportunities, and continuous search for the common good.

That is Softex. Made of people. People who believe in innovative future.


Softex has already intermediate over R$3.1 billion in projects between companies and the BNDES (Economic and Social Development National Bank).

25 years of operation

1 exclusive accelerator and 19 in the portfolio

600 startups invested

500 mentors and 30 Communities Ambassadors

51 Science and Technology Institutions

+6 thousand companies impacted in the Brazilian territory

529,676 students registered in the qualification programs

Base with +6 thousand startups


Working with large companies in projects of open innovation

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